Pictures from Roger and Kim's November 2023 holiday to Disney World

Taken from Thursday 16th November to Friday 1st December.
For the full size picture, click with the LEFT mouse button. This will open the larger picture in a new window, then RIGHT click for the option to save the image.

The (D) after a picture description shows that it was taken by either being on the Disney ride or taken by a Cast photographer.


Link to three videos of the Disney trip which are at the bottom of this page


The videos of the Disney 2023 Holiday

The following three videos are large files, and will be downloading while they are being played. Thus, they may be paused for buffering during play. Apologies, but this is due to bandwidth on the internet.


The first video is of the Christmas Party Fireworks show, help at around 10pm on 30th November.

The second video is of the Christmas Party Parade, held at around 9pm on 30th November.

The final video is a series of short clips of us on rides, some of the fireworks, and of the parades.